7 simple tips on how to keep build costs down and avoid the cowboy builders. (Number 5 – this is a must-have)

Your Dream Extension, Without the Nightmares: Our Top 7 Tips

When thinking about extending your homeWhat keeps you up at night?  What is stopping you from starting? Is it spiralling build costs? 

Is it cowboy builders? YEEHAR. 

Is it the stress of the legalities? The complexity of the process? The horror stories are true, Cowboys do exist and people get stung, but why? 

Because they don’t follow these 7 simple tips:

Tip 1) Find the perfect designer who transforms your ideas into reality. Structural changes can be costly if not designed well. Plans 2 Extend promises a well thought out design in all areas, so that you save money when it comes to the build phase. 

Tip 2) Make sure all necessary legals are secured before building such as planning permission, building regulations &  party wall notices. This is so that no ugly surprises pop up mid-build, like a jealous neighbour, or worse an angry planning enforcement officer. Plans 2 Extend will deal with this. 

Tip 3) Team up with someone who can explain the process in plain English = Jargon free, not just pre-build, but during the build so that nothing gets overlooked. You should know what to look out for during the build phase so Plans 2 Extend are here to assist with any concerns. If we do the build phase or not. 

Tip 4) Make sure your agent has a portfolio of highly skilled contractors and Qualified traders who take pride in their work. So you don’t get stung! If you do go at it alone, that’s fine. Just do your due diligence by looking at previous projects, asking for contracts & put in place stage payments. This is something we see as standard. 

Tip 5) Get a quantity surveyor to itemise labour and material costs so you can rule out the chancers and avoid paying over the odds! It’s a great set of cards to have close to your chest and you know what the end costs should be! This is highly recommended.

Tip 6) Agree on a fixed cost for the works, don’t start work until you have a contract in place. Agree staged payments so you understand where your money is going and when and so that you don’t get rifled with ‘extras’ to the fag packet agreement, you want to avoid a ‘you said we said scenario’, have it all agreed in advance and take advantage of our contract services. 

Tip 7) Have the build project managed, A suitably qualified professional will do the hard work so you don’t have to.  At plans 2 extend we can manage the contractors we introduce. Let the builders build, and the project managers manage. Looking after the contracts. Payments in & out, discrepancies, discussions between client, contractor & building control. 

Everyone has a role in this industry, Plans 2 Extend has this covered. 

Plans 2 Extend guarantee; 

A fixed and accurate cost for everything.

A design you will love that gets approved.

All legals in place before the build. 

Everything is explained in plain English.

Highly skilled &  qualified contractors. 

A Completely project managed build.

Staged payments wrapped up in a comfy contract.

On your free consultation, you’ll get a fixed cost for the design & permissions, an estimate for your build and a streamlined timeline for your project.

Don’t miss out, there’s limited availability until Christmas! 

Call us today on 01942 466031 to grab one of these dates before they go!

Best Regards,

Plans 2 Extend.


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