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Professional Home Extensions in Greater Manchester

Over the years, we invest a lot of time and effort into our family homes. We build up treasured memories, forge connections with our local community, and lay down our own roots. As our family welcomes new members, we need the available space to grow along with them.

While selling up and buying a new home is always an option, it means giving up everything you’ve put into your home. A less stressful and more cost-effective solution is to extend your current property to give your family greater room.

At Plans2Extend, we specialise in all manner of extensions across the Greater Manchester region. Whether you plan to extend upwards into your loft space, outwards to build a new kitchen area, or simply convert two smaller rooms into one big one, Plans2Extend is here to help.


Our Expertise

Loft Conversions

Many of us make little use of our loft or attic spaces, which is really wasting your house’s potential. By extending your home living space into your loft, you open up all sorts of possibilities. Call Plans2Extend today to discuss what you want from your loft conversion, and we can help you make that vision a reality.

Kitchen Extensions

When we talk about a kitchen extension, that’s really just one of several options. By extended your exterior wall, you open up opportunities for all kinds of reception and utility rooms. At Plans2Extend, we provide an end-to-end kitchen extension service. This covers everything from the initial design to the final layer of paint.

Plans 2 Extend kitchen extension in progress from inside
Plans 2 Extend view of kitchen extension in progress from outside

Single / Double Extensions

A simple way to make your home feel bigger is to give it an open plan layout. This involves removing the interior walls between two rooms, resulting in a much larger living space. Whether you choose this option for downstairs reception rooms or upstairs bedrooms, Plans2Extend is there to assist you, every step of the way.

Our Process

A simple, stress free, process


This step is where we work out the cost of surveying, measuring, and drawing your existing property. We need to do this so we know what we're starting with for your new plans. Our Time Guarantee ensures your first draft will be with you within 28 working days of survey.


The next step is getting your plans approved by the local authority and we know what councils are looking for in planning submissions. We offer guaranteed planning approval on every project we take on.

Building Control

Building Control is the technical part of the process. Structural Engineers will run all of the structural calculations, to make sure your new extension/conversion is safe & sturdy. Once we receive the structural reports, we will produce the technical drawings and get these approved by Building Control

Planning Approved?

Build your extension with us...

Upon gaining approval for your extension plans, it’s ideal to have a top-notch team to execute them.

Plans 2 Extend: Build Phase offers a comprehensive solution by not only providing a precise build estimate, but also overseeing the entire project for you. This leaves you with the enjoyable task of selecting the desired decor for your extension.

Plans 2 Extend

Our Portal

As a small local company, our time is precious, but we love to keep our clients in the loop. 

We know that planning your dream extension can be a stressful time, and knowing where everything is up to is paramount to keeping that stress to a minimum, that’s where our portal comes in.

You can log in, see your upcoming project milestone dates, manage payments, and download full resolution project files, drafts, and interact with our team, at any time.

Its your one stop shop for managing your project.

Plans 2 Extend customer Portal shown on various screen sizes



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