Planning Services for New Buyers

Moving house is an exciting time but it can also bring you your fair share of stress. In today’s market, many new homeowners opt for a house that’s more affordable, but needs some work to make it the home of their dreams.

That’s where Plans 2 Extend can help.

Making the Most of Your New Home

Finding the perfect house isn’t easy. If you’ve bought a new property that needs some work – whether that’s a change of layout, a home extension, a loft conversion, or a full renovation – Plans 2 Extend are here to help. We assist you with every aspect of design to produce the house you’ve always wanted. We work closely with you from your initial concept, through architectural drawings and plans, to getting planning permission approved by the local council.

Of course, your new home might be ideal right now, but you have plans to extend your family over the next few years. You might even have a baby on the way as you read this. By building an extension or conversion, you don’t just add the extra space you need, but you increase the value of your property, in the event that you wish to sell later.

You may be looking to get a larger mortgage that your new house demands, with the understanding that you will use the excess to improve the property. We can help you work out if such a project is feasible (that is, whether the council is likely to accept it) and provide you with accurate budget estimations so you can work out the appropriate amount to add to your mortgage.

Front door of a brand new home


What Plans 2 Extend Can Do For You

We offer a wide range of solutions for expanding and improving your new home. These are just some of our most popular services:

finished loft conversion lounge


If your new property has a loft space, a cellar, or a garage, these are prime opportunities for conversion. You can turn them into bedrooms, living spaces, utility rooms, home offices, and so much more.


If you know in advance that you’re going to need more space, a house extension could be the answer. Expand your property outwards or upwards, adding new rooms or extending existing ones.

Plans 2 Extend completed kitchen extension
Internal home renovation with new steel beams and walls opened up.


Your new house might be the ideal size, but the layout is too cramped or not to your tastes. We can help you plan an effective renovation project, knocking down walls, repositioning staircases, widening doorways, and more.


Whether it’s a home office, an arts and crafts studio, a games room, or a podcast booth, you can create a separate outbuilding attached (or not) to your new home as your space to get away from it all.

Completed outbuilding office conversion

Get a Quote

How much will my dream extension cost?

We get asked this question all the time. That’s why we built our quote generator to give you an instant idea of how much it will cost to plan, design, and build your new dream extension.

Plans 2 Extend

How we can help

There are plenty of ways we can assist you in making your new property the dream home you’ve always wanted. These are just a few of them:


Not every plan is feasible – there are certain things that your local council simply won’t accept. With our extensive experience working with planning departments, we know what will and won’t pass and we can advise you on this from the very start.


With our trusted building partners by our side, we can provide you with accurate quotations for the costs of your project so you know how much things are going to cost before you commit to the work. This can help in getting the appropriate size of mortgage or loan to cover it.

Guaranteed Approval

We know how planning departments operate and what they are looking for in a submission. If we take on your home improvement project, we can guarantee it will be approved.

Why Choose Plans 2 Extend?

When it comes to providing an end-to-end service, nobody does it better than us. Between us, we have the ability, the tools, and the trade connections to deliver everything you need. Here are some specifics:


We have been trading for over seven years and our team of experienced and qualified design technicians have been part of the industry for decades between them. We know what local councils expect from our plans and technical drawings and we know how to provide it. We guarantee approval on every planning project, re-drawing and re-submitting at our own cost, should it not succeed the first time.

Full Team

When you hire Plans 2 Extend, you’re getting a full team of design and planning specialists. From our admin team to our crew of architectural technicians, we are dedicated to getting your project approved and completed, liaising with planning departments, building control, and contractors alike on your behalf.

We Can Build For You

You don’t need to source your own builders and contractors to handle the project. We have a complete end to end building service too. We pick up from where planning left off, and bring your dream to life. All allowing you to get on with enjoying your new home, rather than overseeing the workers and worrying about progress, payments, and managing the team.


We provide you with an online portal where you can see the progress of your project at any given time. The portal also shows deadlines for upcoming phases in the process, provides weekly status updates, and a full set of technical drawings for you to download.

Planning Approved?

Build your new home with us...

For new buyers, it’s essential to have a world-class team in place after your plans are approved.

Plans 2 Extend: Build Phase provides a comprehensive solution, offering not only an accurate build estimate but also managing the entire project for you. This allows you to focus on the exciting part of the process – decorating your new home to your personal style and taste.

Plans 2 Extend

Our Portal

As a small local company, our time is precious, but we love to keep our clients in the loop. 

We know that planning your dream extension can be a stressful time, and knowing where everything is up to is paramount to keeping that stress to a minimum, that’s where our portal comes in.

You can log in, see your upcoming project milestone dates, manage payments, and download full resolution project files, drafts, and interact with our team, at any time.

Its your one stop shop for managing your project.

Plans 2 Extend customer Portal shown on various screen sizes



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Plans 2 Extend

A Name You Can Trust

With more than 300 projects completed over the last seven years, Plans 2 Extend is a company you can rely on for high-quality regular work. Our technicians have been involved in the industry for decades between them and each one has the training and qualifications needed to make them perfect for the role. In addition, we are CABE Associates and accredited by CIAT, so you can be sure of partnering with fellow professionals.

Plans 2 Extend guarantee badge

Our Guarantees

At Plans 2 Extend, we guarantee that your plans will fly through approval so long as you follow the advice we provide during our consultation. If not, we’ll revise your drawings for free. We also guarantee that your first draft drawings will be with you within 28 days of our initial survey so you can keep your build on track.

We also guarantee that our drawings will be of a crystal clear level of detail, and offer to consult with your builders if they can’t be understood. When you work with us, we guarantee satisfaction at every stage of development.

Plans 2 Extend

Get in touch

So what are you waiting for? Start building the home of your dreams today by contacting Plans 2 Extend. Fill in the online quote generator, call us on 01942 466 031 or send an email to chris@Plans 2 to arrange a free consultation.


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