Project Stages and Guarantees

Here at Plans 2 Extend, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create a new series of customer guarantees. In addition, we have implemented a new special offer! When you refer family members or friends to Plans 2 Extend, they will receive a discount and you will receive a special thank you gift from us!

We understand that taking on a project such as extending your home can be a huge undertaking, so we want to make the process as easy as possible. First of all, we want to take some time to discuss the process that your project will go through, and the various stages that you can expect when extending your home.

Stage 1 – Your Ideas

To begin, a free consultation will be provided to ensure we capture all your requirements after which we will help you to design your dream space.

Stage 2 – Survey & Planning

Once you accept our proposal, a full detailed survey of your premises will be carried out, and your first draft drawings will be produced in preparation for the planning application, which we will submit on your behalf.

Stage 3 – Building Control

We will then produce all the technical documents for Building Control once we have obtained your planning approval – these drawings will be used by your builders to construct your dream extension/conversion/new build. Our article ‘An Introduction to Building Regulations’  will help you to understand this process in greater detail.

Stage 4 – Tender Assistance

Once all documents are approved by Planning & Building Control, we will then help you find the perfect builder. With everything now in place, including all of the relevant approvals, detailed plans and quotes, this information will be handed over to your builders.

Stage 5 – Handover to Builders

Time to break ground! Your builders will now take over and craft your new, fully approved and carefully planned extension.

And that’s it! It really is that simple!

Now, let’s discuss our new guarantees…

We understand that extending your home is an important decision to make, and we like to give our clients the peace of mind knowing that their home is in good hands. For example, our new ‘Time Guarantee’ will ensure that the first draft of your plans will be available for review within 28 working days from the date of the survey. Failure to provide this service will result in a 25% reduction of the second payment. This guarantee period excludes Bank Holidays, annual close down periods and all technician holidays.

In addition to this, our ‘Quality Assurance’ guarantee ensures that the quality of our design and plans will equal any other similar competitor. Our working drawings are of the highest quality, just take a look at our testimonials! 

An Introduction to Building Regulations

So you’ve secured planning permission for your project – congratulations! However, this doesn’t mean that your project can immediately start. The next important step for your build may be to submit building regulations drawings.

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Planning Permission Success Rates

Can I get Planning Permission? When extending your home, the thought of obtaining planning permission will surely have crossed your mind. But before you start exploring this route, it may be possible to bypass this process completely as you may be entitled to build under the government’s permitted development laws.

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Also, our ‘Approval Guarantee’ means that we will guarantee planning approval subject to the correct protocol being followed by the LPA – free submission on behalf of the client if planning is refused (P2E FEES). LPA fees may apply. For more information, take a look at our article ‘Planning Permission Success Rates’.

We will also guarantee that Plans 2 Extend will be available for discussions with your nominated builder relating to any concerns on your project. We will not abandon you when the builders take over, as our ‘Assistance Guarantee’ means that we will make ourselves available to assist with any queries they may have.

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