Professional Planning Drawings in Partnership with Plans 2 Extend

If you’re a professional builder, you know that one of the key components of any project is a great set of drawings. While you know what you’re doing and can knock up a first-class house extension, dormer roof, or additional storey to a home, if you want it to pass comfortably through planning permission and building control phases, you need the proper technical drawings.

Thousands of commissions are lost every year by builders who do not have the right skills or experience to produce planning drawings to the appropriate standard. Fortunately for contractors across the North West, there is a solution – a mutually beneficial partnership with Plans 2 Extend.

Benefits of working with Plans 2 Extend

There are many advantages to working with Plans 2 Extend. We are an experienced team of planning professionals, with hundreds of projects under our collective belts and decades of experience between us. Featured in a variety of trade magazines, we have our own professional drawing office where our team of technicians and surveyors work to deliver exceptional results every time. Our planning process and pricing model is easy to understand for you and your clients.

This what you can expect from us:

Guaranteed planning approval

Here at Plans 2 Extend, we are good at what we do – very good. We bring years of expert knowledge and hands-on experience to every project and are able to advise clients on what will work and what won’t. We’re so confident that our planning drawings will pass approval that, in the unlikely event that they don’t, we will redesign and resubmit them at no extra charge.

Multiple technicians and surveyors

We are not just a one-man band. We have a dedicated team of surveyors and technicians, which allows us to promise a fast turnaround on all projects. We are a growing company that is always expanding, so you never have to worry about our availability. Whatever job you have, you can depend on us to have an experienced technician there to help you with the planning process.

Print Partnership

If you want professional planning drawings, either for the benefit of your client or for a planning approval application, you have come to the right place. Not only do our technicians create superior planning drawings, we are also partnered with Murbros printers, who deliver high-quality, high-resolution drawings in full size. Through our portal, we are able to offer print packs of the highest standard to our clients.

Planning Portal

We can handle the entire pre-build process for your clients, covering everything from the initial design and survey, through the planning phase, council approval, and building control. We are happy to act as the sole point of contact until we’re ready to hand over to you for the construction work. This means you don’t need to act as a middleman while we pull all the planning stages together with your client. We work alongside you to get rough build costs at the start of the project, followed by a more accurate quote once we have narrowed down the details.

All the admin work, approvals, and amendments are dealt with by us, leaving you to do what you do best – building the extension or conversion your client has always wanted. The entire process is run through our bespoke planning portal, where you can always see at what stage the project is currently held. This means there are no secrets between us – nothing is held up, approvals are cleared indicated, and you can see the job being actively moved forward by our dedicated team.

Online Quote Calculator - Design & Planning

Referral scheme

A partnership with Plans 2 Extend is a two-way street. If you refer your client to us to handle the planning process, we will offer you a referral payment for the work. Likewise, if you want referrals from us for clients who have drawn up plans but need a reliable builder to carry out the work, we have a programme for that too.

Get in Touch

So what are you waiting for? If you want to secure more jobs with the benefit of professional planning drawings by a trusted partner, get in touch with Plans 2 Extend today. Give us a call on 01942 466 031, or send an email to to speak to a member of the team and see what we can do for you.

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