Planning for the Future: Getting a Head Start on Your House Extension

COVID-19 has changed the game

The last year and a half or so has proven a difficult time for many industry sectors across the UK and the construction industry is no different. The COVID-19 pandemic and the immediate impact of Brexit have caused a perfect storm of issues across the board. From increases in the cost of building materials to a lack of experienced builders and other tradesmen, many construction projects – both commercial and domestic – have had to be put on hold, creating a backlog for new customers.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Here at Plans 2 Extend, we have decades of combined experience in the building trade and this nothing that cannot be overcome. While coronavirus and Brexit regulations may have knocked the wind out of the sector’s sails, there is no need to panic. We are here to help our domestic customers across Greater Manchester and the broader North West region.

What’s Causing the Current Problems in the Construction Industry?

As we’ve already mentioned, the combination of coronavirus and Brexit are the main culprits. The former has caused many building staff across the UK to self-isolate, or be unable to work in homes where a family member has taken ill. The latter has led to tariffs on timber and steel from the EU, resulting in material shortages and massive price increases across the board.

Any quote made by builders and contractors are normally affected by merchant prices, which these days are sometimes only valid for 24-hours, since markets are fluctuating so wildly. Meanwhile, the financial impact of lockdown on our commercial and domestic customers has caused delays across the industry.

What Are the Current Problems in the Construction Industry?

The main issues in the industry at the moment are to do with the cost and availability of materials. This has led to existing projects been re-costed to take in to account the increased price, resulting in a delay as customers try to source the funds for completion. This has had an unavoidable impact on future projects, causing quotes for new work to be delayed, or only valid for a short period. The lack of materials has led to a backlog for new projects, as any shipments are already ear-marked for existing builds.

How Can We Get Around These Issues?

The first thing to remember is that, while the issues facing the UK building industry are considerable, they are not insurmountable. As the problems start to settle down over the rest of 2021 and into the new year, we expect to see some positive developments.

For our domestic customers, now is the ideal time to begin planning your house extensions or room conversions. After all, building plans don’t just happen overnight – depending on the scale and complexity, they can take as long as six months to complete.

Be Ready to Build by 2022

At Plans 2 Extend, we fully expect the building sector to stabilise during that period, so what better time to get the ball rolling? We recommend getting a quote for any conversion or extension work now. While it might seem high, it will act as a useful comparison when you’re ready to start building early next year. By that time, a subsequent quote should show a significant drop in the cost.

The greatest advantage of this industry backlog is that there is no need to rush. It gives you the chance to plan carefully for your home extension, making changes and improvements as new ideas come to you. Not only that, these longer lead times provide an opportunity to save up for the work itself.

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