Make the Kitchen the Heart of Your Home

It’s easy not to notice just how much time we all spend in our kitchens. From our first cup of tea or coffee in the morning, through family cooking meals and washing dishes, to hanging out with our loved ones, kitchens are places where memories are made.

Not all kitchens are built with memories in mind. Indeed, a lot of homes have surprisingly small kitchens because the original builder saw them only as a practical place for preparing food. It’s no wonder that kitchen extensions are one of the most popular home improvements in the UK.

Why extend your kitchen?

There are all kinds of reasons to invest in a kitchen extension. Some like the extra space for cooking and want to make room for the latest appliances or maybe that kitchen island they’ve always wanted. Others love to bake, make home-made pickles, or make handmade confectionery and want to turn their family kitchen into somewhere they can start a business. Still others have a large family and a larger circle of friends and want a big kitchen for storing food, drinks, and tableware for when everybody gets together at their house.

Plans 2 Extend completed kitchen conversion

How Plans 2 Extend can help

Luckily, there are several ways you can make your kitchen bigger, and, here at Plans 2 Extend, we can help you come up with the perfect solution. That could include knocking through to an adjoining garage, turning your kitchen and dining room into a single, open-plan area, extending the rear of the property to add more space, or even going all-out and having a wraparound extension.

Our team of expert designers and contractors will walk you through the various options available to you, working closely with you to find one that suits your home, your original vision, and your budget. Between us, we can put together a solution that will make your dream kitchen a reality.

An end-to-end kitchen extension service

Our help doesn’t end with the design work. We assist you in getting planning permission for the extension (if required), handling all the paperwork on your behalf. We will provide the appropriate technical drawings and information to ensure your application succeeds. We will even redraw and resubmit at our own cost in the unlikely event that it fails to pass.

We work with a number of hand-picked building contractors, all of whom we trust to complete your extension on time and within budget. We act as the liaison point between you and the builders, passing on any concerns or queries you might have throughout the process.

Plans 2 Extend completed kitchen extension

Get in Touch

There’s never been a better time to start your kitchen extension journey than right now. With Plans 2 Extend at your side, you can create the kitchen you’ve always wanted and start building a lifetime of memories with your family and loved ones. To get the ball rolling, call us today on 01942 466 031 to arrange a free home consultation, or use our free estimator tool on our website to get a rough idea of the cost.

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