Design Stage: 4 Weeks
Planning Stage: 8 – 12 Weeks *Subject to local authority
Private Building Control approval & Structural Engineers Reports: 8 Weeks
Local Authority Building Control approval & Structural Engineers Reports: 12 Weeks

Design Phase - Once Our Quote Has Been Accepted, You Will Receive Full Access To Our Online Tracking Portal

Following our initial free consultation, we will carry out a full technical survey of your property. This allows us to produce an initial design scheme for your review and comments. Your input at this stage cannot be over stated, it is important to get it right. It is far easier to make amendments at this stage than after it has been submitted to your Local Authority.

It is imperative that the design works for you and meets your requirements so we provide an online review where we can discuss the drawings in detail and provide any amendments on screen. Once you are completely satisfied with the plans and design your project will be submitted to your Local Authority for their consideration.

You will also receive full access to our portal to keep track of your projects and view/approve documents and make payments.

Submission to Planning

Most new extensions or major changes to existing buildings, need consent – known as Planning Permission. Without a planning system anyone could construct buildings or use land in any way they wanted, without giving consideration to the design concept or views of your neighbours.

It is the responsibility of your Local Authority to ensure that your design and plans comply with the local rules set out by the planning committee. The only exception to this is PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT. With all building work, the owner of the property is ultimately responsible for complying with the relevant planning guidelines and obtaining the relevant permissions.

Plans 2 Extend can submit and validate your application to your Local Authority. We will work closely with you and the Planning Officer to achieve a successful application. Keep an eye on our portal for updates during your planning application.

Structural Calculations

Structural Calculations – Payable from Client to Engineer

Your new extension may require Structural Calculations, any structural alterations made to residential dwellings, ie. removing a load bearing wall or where steel beams are used to support new structures will require these calculations.

Structural Calculations should be carried out to demonstrate compliance to the Local Authority that your project is safely constructed. Building Control will require these Calculations during the application process to allow the application to be approved.

Plans 2 Extend can provide all the required Structural Calculations where necessary, these will include all steel work and connection details together with timber roof specification requirements. Once planning is approved, we will upload the building control fixed quotations to the portal.

Submission to Building Control

Submission to Building Control (fees paid direct from client to Council) – The portal will keep you updated during the Building Control stage

If you are planning to carry out ‘Building Work’ as defined in Regulation 3 of the Building Regulations, then it must comply with Building Regulations. If you do not follow the Building Control procedures or you carry out building work which does not comply with the requirements contained in the Building Regulations, you will have contravened the Building Regulations and a certificate will not be issued. Furthermore the Building Inspector can issue a notice which could result in expensive remedial works to ensure compliance.

There are two types of Building Regulation applications, the first is submitting a Building Notice application which allows work to commence 48 hours after the receipt of the application. The second is a full planning application. This is applied for when your plans are submitted and subject to the correct details on the plans, the plans will be approved by Building Control.

Plans 2 Extend can provide full Building Regulation drawings showing the construction details (cross sections/assumed drain runs & current regulation specifications) your chosen contractor must ensure that all the details on the Approved Building Control plans and current regulations are met.

During the construction stages the Building Inspector will carry out 5 inspections. These are at the start of works when the footings have been excavated, drainage inspection, pre formation of the slab inspection, roof formation/pre-plastering inspection and
the final inspection. The Building Inspector will issue a final certificate on completion to state that the extension has been built in accordance with current Building Regulations.