Increasing Property Value with Pre-emptive Planning Permission

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Here at Plans 2 Extend, our job is to provide advice and guidance, as well as practical assistance to our clients as they apply for planning permission for home improvements. No matter how large or small the project, we help you to realise your home’s potential, guiding you through the various pitfalls that exist between the initial idea and the final lick of paint.

While there may be plenty of pitfalls along the way, that’s okay. If there’s a problem with the design, planning application, building control, construction, or anything else, we’re here to provide a solution. After all, that’s what you hired us for, right?

Well… not always.

When is a plan not a plan?

Recently, we have had several requests from clients across Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, and beyond asking us to assist them with their home improvements. Nothing unusual there – we cover the whole of the North West, providing an end-to-end planning service. The difference this time was that the clients had no intention of actually getting the extension, loft conversion or other home improvement done.

They just wanted planning permission to confirm it was allowed.

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Why get planning permission if you don’t want a home improvement?

It sounds crazy, but it’s really not. When planning permission is approved it remains valid for three years. That gives you plenty of time to get the job done, but it has another hidden advantage. You see, the planning permission applies to the house, not to the person making the application. This means you can include the permission in with your property description if you’re selling your home.

Added market value

Getting planning permission is always a gamble. You never know until you have that signed confirmation in your hand whether the council is going to approve the application or not. Being able attach a valid planning permit for a house extension, an outbuilding, or an extra storey is big news for a potential buyer. It means they can go right ahead with the home improvement on their own terms without running the gauntlet of council paperwork.

How long does the process take?

Remember, all you’re doing here is getting approval for the home improvement plan from your local council – you’re not actually getting the work done. While it’s not an overnight process, we would expect to have all the relevant paperwork complete within three months.

By how much can planning permission increase the value of a home?

As you might expect, the increase in value of a property benefiting from planning permission can vary greatly. This depends on the type of project for which planning permission has been sought, as well as the age, location, and general condition of the property. That said, we have seen instances where a £2000 investment in planning documentation and the relevant approval from the council resulted in £15,000 being added to the value of a property.

That’s a 750% return on investment!

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