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Here at Plans 2 Extend, we believe in being upfront and open with our clients when they hire us to help them plan a new home improvement, loft conversion, or other house extensions. You want a company you can trust to tell you the facts from the very start, and we can respect that.

Unlike some extension planning companies, we’re happy to give you a ball-park figure for our fees right out of the gate. You don’t need to sign up with us, pay any kind of quotation fee, or even speak to us in person. With our bespoke online Quote Calculator, you can get a realistic idea of what our charges are going to be before you even think of contacting us. Aside from some details regarding the type of property and the extent of the home improvement you’re planning, we don’t require any other personal information.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Design and Planning

Click on the link above to reach our on-site Quote Calculator and you’ll see several sections that require some information from you. The first section concerns the design and planning phase. We need to know the type of property you own (detached, semi-detached, bungalow, etc) and how large it is (determined by the number of bedrooms). These two items let us determine the cost of surveying the existing property and designing the house extension of your dreams.

In this section, we also ask for the type of project you’re considering (garage conversions, loft conversion, multi-storey extension, and so on. This allows us to calculate our fees for later in the process.

Online Quote Calculator - Design & Planning

Step 2: Planning Application Fees

Planning applications are the legal process by which you get permission from the council to build your extensions or home improvements. The fees here include those charged by the council themselves, as well as our fees for managing the process on your behalf. This is another drop-down menu with three options:
  • Householder planning application: this is your standard planning application – most applications will fall into this category.
  • Permitted development: permission to build an extension in principle, with the full plan being required (we recently wrote about this on our blog – see here).
  • Prior notification: this covers extensions between 4 & 8 mtrs that meet the permitted development requirements for detached properties and 3 & 6 mtrs for all other property types.
Online Quote Calculator - Planning Application Fees

Step 3: Building Control

Building control ensures that your existing property and the planned extension meet with the proper Building Regulations for the UK and that they are structurally sound. This involves some back and forth with other parties and can include a range of fees and options.

Online Quote Calculator - Building Control Estimates

Additional Information: Build Costs

This part of the calculation is more of a rough estimate to see if the cost of the build itself (outside of our design and planning fees) is within budget. It is based on the national cost guidelines for the UK construction industry per square metre and, as such, the actual cost of a builder to do the work can vary wildly.
Online Quote Calculator - Building Cost

One Step at a Time

Of course, nobody expects you to commit to all those steps in one go. We split the process for your convenience and ours. Each phase is followed by a break so you can take stock of the situation and decide whether or not to proceed to the next step. If you complete stage one (for example) and decide that the design or the process is not for you, there’s no expectation that you must carry on.

Online Quote Calculator - Estimate

Get in Touch

If you want to build the extension of your dreams, check out our Quote Calculator and see where this puts you financially. If you like what you see, contact Plans 2 Extend today to on 01942 466 031 to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced builders.

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