Don’t move…improve

Should I stay or should I go?

In the journey of home ownership, one of the most significant crossroads you may encounter is the decision to move or improve your current property. Your home, chosen for specific reasons, holds sentimental value and potential for transformation into your dream forever home.

This blog aims to guide you through the pros and cons of each choice, considering factors such as costs, timescales, and the pursuit of perfection.

Why Did You Choose Your Home?

Remind yourself of the initial allure that led you to purchase your home. Whether it was the enchanting garden, proximity to excellent schools, or the vast potential for adding your personal touch, understanding your homes unique appeal is crucial before deciding its fate.

Cost Considerations:

Moving involves a staggering amount of costs, including marketing fees, estate agent fees, staging expenses, solicitor fees, stamp duty, and removal/moving fees. You may also have to think about extension and conversion costs even If you do move. On the other hand, opting for staying and home improvement through Plans 2 Extend offers an all-inclusive quote that encompasses your dream projects entire journey, making budgeting more manageable.

Timescale Challenges:

The unpredictable timeline associated with selling a home can be stressful. Delays in marketing, mortgage applications, chasing solicitors and dealing with various parties can stretch the process over an extended period. In contrast, Plans 2 Extend offers an efficient online portal that keeps you in the loop, allowing you to track your projects progress, making the planning and building phases more transparent and manageable, along with a project team who are chasing planning officers and approvals for you.

Striving for Perfection:

If you find yourself contemplating a move, its worth questioning whether your current situation aligns with your vision of perfection. Plans 2 Extend offers an alternative perspective by helping you unlock your homes hidden potential. Why move when you can improve and fall even more in love with your property?

Decision-Making Support:

Still undecided? Take the time to explore your options. Plans 2 Extend collaborates with estate agents across the North West, connecting you with professionals who can provide insights into your decision-making process. We offer Free home consultations for completed purchases or chargeable consultations for those considering multiple properties are available to guide you through design ideas and planning feasibility.


The decision to move or improve is a huge moment in your home ownership journey. Reflect on the reasons you chose your current home, weigh the costs and timescales, and consider the untapped potential within your walls our outdoor space. Plans 2 Extend stands ready to turn your dreams into reality, offering an all inclusive service that transforms your existing space into your ideal haven.

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