Changing a Commercial Property

Whether you’ve just bought a commercial property or your business has developed beyond the building’s original purpose, remodelling the property to suit can be a daunting prospect. It really doesn’t need to be, though. With the right help behind you, you can soon be on your way to the perfect work environment. Whether you need a change of layout, a change of use, or a complete renovation, Plans 2 Extend has you covered.


What Plans 2 Extend Can Do For You

With decades in the building trade between us, Plans 2 Extend offers a complete design and planning service that takes you from your initial idea right the way through to planning approval and beyond. These are the sort of projects we have taken on in the past:

plans being checked in commercial property renovation.

Material Change of Use

Commercial properties fall into a variety of classes and subclasses and changing from one to the other may require planning permission from the council (this is in addition to further planning permission for building extensions, and so on). Whether permission is needed depends on the original and the intended purpose of the building. Our experienced team will be able to walk you through the various classifications and work out what category your business falls into and how best to obtain approval.

Change Layout

Your new commercial property might be in a prime location, but its layout simply isn’t fit for purpose. Whether you need to knock down some walls, build an extension, or fit a new shop front, we can draw up the appropriate plans and technical drawings for you.

Commercial property being internally renovated
Approved building plans

Retrospective Planning

We have extensive experience helping commercial clients who have gone ahead and made changes before realising they needed the appropriate planning permission. Retrospective planning is one of our specialities, so you can rely on us to deliver results.

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Online Portal

Manage your projects

Any active project with us will be tracked via our easy to use online portal. It’s great for commercial partners to keep track of multiple projects, their statuses, and anything that needs paying or approving, with full traceability, estimated dates, and more.

Great for making sure your portfolio stays on track and you can keep your eye on all of your projects at the same time, all under one roof.

How we Help

Why Choose
Plans 2 Extend?

There are plenty of reasons to hire Plans 2 Extend to handle planning permission and building control for your renovation project. These are some of the most popular ones, based on extensive feedback from our former clients.

Experienced Team

We have a dedicated, varied team of planning professionals, from administrative staff to technicians. Between them, they ensure that projects are kept moving through the process, leading to quicker applications and approvals.

Guaranteed Approval

We have decades in the business between us, so we know what will get passed by the local council and what won’t. Should our plans not be successful, we will re-draw and re-submit them for free.


We have a bespoke client portal setup that allows you to see the progress of all your projects in one place. You can track the progress of your project, look up costs, and see what the next steps are.



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Plans 2 Extend

A Name You Can Trust

We have been in business for over seven years and have completed more than 300 projects in that time with an approval rate of over 95%. Our technicians have decades of relevant, hands-on experience, with all of them being fully-trained and -qualified for the job in hand. We are CABE Associates and affiliated with CIAT for your added peace of mind.

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For a planning and design firm you can rely on, contact Plans 2 Extend today. Call us on 01942 466 031 or send an email to chris@Plans 2 to request a free infopack to get the ball rolling.

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