Speedy Resolution to a Difficult Development Project

The Brief

In the world of property development, time is money. Every moment spent waiting for the appropriate building control and planning permissions to be approved is a time when your investment is not giving you a return. While sourcing approvals seems to be a simple matter of completing and submitting the relevant paperwork, it’s not always that easy.

For this project, we were instructed by a firm of property investors and developers who, understandably, wanted their plans to be approved ASAP in order to start work on the build. The issue here is that the plans themselves, while not outside local planning guidelines, were certainly stretching them to the limit. In short, it was not the sort of job a layman could undertake and be confident of a successful resolution.

What We Did

Fortunately for our client, here at Plans 2 Extend, we know the local planning permission guidance like the back of our hands. We knew how to tweak their existing technical drawings to maximise their chances of being approved while still meeting the design specifications. We also knew who to speak to at the planning office to be able to expedite the process and head any potential problems off at the outset.

During the project build, we acted as a liaison point between the planning office, the client, and the builders, working hard to address any concerns and to maintain a level of continuity between all parties. Our effective and speedy handling of the situation allowed our clients to move on to their next acquisition and development project, for which they promptly hired us again, knowing the high standard of service we provide.

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