Retrospective Planning Permission for an Outbuilding

The Brief

The issue with this project was a common one where freelance builders are instructed to handle a job. The client needed additional space in their property to provide accommodation for a member of their family who needed respite care. Unfortunately for them, the builders they hired failed to complete the necessary paperwork to obtain planning permission from the local council before starting the work.

The family’s chief concern was to get planning permission in place so that the job could be completed. Otherwise, there was a real risk of losing out on the money they had already invested in the project, which the builders should not have green-lit in the first place.

What We Did

Thanks to our decades of experience working with local councils across the North West, we were able to liaise with the planning officers and obtain retrospective planning permission for the project. This allowed the client to go ahead with the build, safe in the knowledge that everything was legal and above board.

We also worked alongside the builders, helping to clarify building regulations issues that had occurred as a result of obtaining permission retrospectively. This helped the project continue and conclude smoothly, and the clients considered us trusted friends by the end of the job.

Client Review

We honestly could not recommend Plans 2 Extend highly enough, and would use them again without a second thought. We found ourselves in a hugely frustrating predicament during the summer of 2021 but immediately on meeting Chris, who made himself available as soon as possible, we felt reassured.

The plans we were able to submit were of the highest quality, having been finalised through a genuinely iterative process where our feedback was welcomed. And when our decision date passed with no decision from the Council, Jenna and Ryan were relentless in chasing down a result for us. They truly felt like trusted friends during a crisis, and have our lasting thanks.

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