Reconfiguring and Extending the Entire Ground Floor

The Brief

Sometimes, construction projects are both complex and time-sensitive, and in situations like that, it’s essential that you hire professionals to handle the work. One such project involved a client who wanted the whole of the ground floor at their new home extended and reconfigured. They wanted an open-plan living room, kitchen, dining room, and snug, along with a separate adult lounge and home office for working at home.

While the client was aware this was a complicated project, they also wanted it completed as soon as possible, since they would be living at their old house until the job was done and having to pay two mortgages for the duration. A fully managed project was also a key concern for them, as they had a busy schedule to maintain. They had also been quoted a low-ball price by a local freelancer that wasn’t charging VAT—rarely a good sign.

What We Did

After discussing the project in detail with the client, we explained the risk they were leaving themselves open to by choosing the local freelancer. If they were prepared to knock off the VAT to secure the job, you had to wonder what other corners they would cut while working on the house. At Plans 2 Extend, we are always transparent in all our dealings with clients, builders, councils, and other interested parties. We offer competitive rates that deliver far better value for money than our competitors, given the skill and experience of our team.

We provided a fast and efficient service and managed closely from the very start to make sure we hit all of our milestones on time. From start to finish, we were there to keep things on track every step of the way. We handled the design and technical drawing, obtained planning permission, structural reports, and building control approval, assisted with the project tender and the final contracts between the builders and client, and so much more. While the project was underway, we liaised with the workers to ensure everything was proceeding as planned, giving our client a hands-off experience.

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