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Do you live in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, or Merseyside? Looking for more space? To get more value from your house sale? Or planning the dream forever home? 

Whether it be for your home or business your friendly local planning experts are here to help!

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From planning to build phase – your local experts are here for you.

Let us take the stress out of the planning process

We design a workable plan & support you during every step, including the construction phase. Let us deliver your dream extension or conversion.

Keeping things running smoothly at every step

We are local people, and understand the problems that can arise during a project and our experience working with tradesmen and building control officers ensures a smooth ride at every stage.

Years of experience solving problems

We have successfully submitted hundreds of planning applications. We have a wealth of expertise and know-how from the field, and we frequently demonstrate this in our projects.

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Our Expertise

Plans 2 Extend completed kitchen extension

Home Extensions

At Plans 2 Extend, we specialise in all manner of extensions across the Greater Manchester region. Whether you plan to convert that dusty loft space that houses your Christmas tree, outwards to build a new kitchen or new bedroom area, or simply reconfigure two smaller rooms into one big one, Plans 2 Extend are here to help.

Loft Conversions

Many of us make little use of our loft or attic spaces, which is really wasting your house’s potential. By extending your home living space into your loft, you open up all sorts of possibilities. Call Plans 2 Extend today to discuss what you want from your loft extension, and we can help you make that vision a reality.

Plans 2 Extend completed loft conversion bathroom
young couple in kitchen discussing renovation plans


Home renovations are the ultimate makeover for any property. Unlike extensions and conversions, renovations keep the structural integrity of your building intact, using the shell as a canvas for more dramatic alterations. At Plans 2 Extend, we can design exciting and innovative renovations for both domestic homes and hospitality venues. We employ an extensive range of skills learned over more than a decade in the industry to produce something functional and attractive.


Starting a new business venture is exciting, but often involves reams of paperwork to get things moving. With Plans 2 Extend behind you, there is no need to let this process hold you back. With our long years of experience in the building trade, we can assist you with the relevant paperwork and planning permits. We can help with all kinds of building development red tape. This includes Change of Use applications, Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), and full planning permission for new build properties.

Workmen fitting out commercial property with plans from Plans 2 Extend
Outbuildings in Greater Manchester


Whether it’s a home office, an arts and crafts studio, a games room, or a podcast booth, you can create a separate outbuilding attached (or not) to your new home as your space to get away from it all. At Plans 2 Extend, we can design exciting and innovative outbuildings for domestic homes. We use our decades of skill and expertise to produce exactly what you require.

Planning Approved?

Build with us...

Once your plans are approved, you’ll probably want a world-class, friendly, team to bring your new plans to reality.

With Plans 2 Extend: Build Phase, we can take your plans and not only give you an accurate build quote but manage your entire project for you. So all you need to do is choose how you want to decorate your new space!

Plans 2 Extend

Our Portal

As a small local company, our time is precious, but we love to keep our clients in the loop. 

We know that planning your dream extension can be a stressful time, and knowing where everything is up to is paramount to keeping that stress to a minimum, that’s where our portal comes in.

You can log in, see your upcoming project milestone dates, manage payments, and download full resolution project files, drafts, and interact with our team, at any time.

Its your one stop shop for managing your project.

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Plans 2 Extend guarantee badge

Our Guarantees

At Plans 2 Extend, we guarantee that your plans will fly through approval so long as you follow the advice we provide during our consultation. If not, we’ll revise your drawings for free. We also guarantee that your first draft drawings will be with you within 28 days of our initial survey so you can keep your build on track.

We also guarantee that our drawings will be of a crystal clear level of detail, and offer to consult with your builders if they can’t be understood. When you work with us, we guarantee satisfaction at every stage of development.


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